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Monday, September 26, 2011

[p-c] Linux Instructions for Enabling ISIRI 9147 Keyboard

Some questions for the Linux experts...
Is ISIRI 9147 the Iranian Persian default for all flavors of Linux? It comes pre-installed in every case, right? No downloads needed?
Can you please post the simple instructions to enable the keyboard for Fedora and any others?
Milad already sent me the Ubuntu instructions:
System >> Preferences >> Keyboard Preferences >> Layout tab >> Add >> ‌By language tab >> language: Persian >> Add
I am asking because an increasing number of Linux users are asking me but I only know about Windows. I'll post them all.
Also, what was the date that the 9147 layout was accepted and published as the standard by ISIRI? It was then IMMEDIATELY implemented in Linux, right? I'm just interested here in the gap between layout and availability of the physical keyboard in Windows, Mac and Linux.



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