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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fw: Celebration of Cyrus the Great day on 29th Oct. London

In Celebration of Cyrus the Great, London
To know history is an invaluable tool to learn from, and is the key to unlocking a prosperous future through its rereading. Iranian history has often been written by its enemies, and there is not a huge body of canonical text to demonstrate an understanding of Iranian culture, history, and heritage from within. We pose the possibility that if we were more knowledgeable of our history the events that unfolded in 1979 and thereafter may not have happened.
To know history learning of Achaemedian time specially Cyrus the Great will be essential tools which any Iranian needs to learn. Cyrus the Great philosophy is clearly showing its thought and written on the clay cylinder 593 BC.
The Cyrus Cylinder is the first known written declaration of human rights and was discovered in the ruins of Babylon in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq ) in 1879. It is currently in the possession of the British Museum in London , and copy is held in the United Nations headquarters in New York .
The commands of Cyrus the Great, first King of the Achaemedian Dynasty, held ideas that were to bring us to the summit of humanity and showed tolerance and wisdom that is a part of our modern-day heritage. This was over-shadowed during the time of the Arab Islamic invasion. Our hope is that by learning from the past it can become a beacon for our future. Though the way of life was lost, and Iranian society lost its inheritance of the philosophies of our ancestors, it has not been forgotten.
For these reasons, on the 29th October, we will celebrate Cyrus the Great, his philosophies and his legacy. We will gather together in London and celebrate Cyrus the Great through the talks of experts who will guide us on a journey towards learning more about our past.
Day and time: 29th October from 18:30 to 21:30
Address: Kensington Library, Phillimore Walk, LONDON W8 7RX
Given Lectures:
Maziar Gavidel, an expert in Iranian History and culture will be giving a lecture reflecting on the accented thoughts of the past and how we can interpret those in our actions and thoughts today.
Homer Abrahmian, talking to us from far away and will be giving a report on opening Cyrus the Great University
Yousuf Zangana, University Lecturer and expert in Zoroastrian philosophy will telling us about Cyrus and what we can lean from his philosophies
Dena Ziari, University Lecturer in History and Theory of Architecture will be giving examining the relationship between Pasargad as an ancient ruin and modern day icon.
Iranian classical music will be performed and Parsi poets will be reading their poetry at intervals within the above programme
We will end the celebration with tea and coffee with sweets and fruit will be served
We hope to see you then and we ask that you please be seated before the prompt 18:30 start.


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